Our Bush Fire Protection Plan

20151116_122521 20151116_122538

Living in Australia’s harsh climate, it is essential to be mindful of the bush fire risks during bush fire season, with this in mind we have put together a full bush fire evacuation plan.

As a part of our plan, we have also installed a couple of fire hoses at Cubbins Nelson Bay Kennels.

After discussing our options with NSW Rural Fire, we decided our most effective option was this AS/NZS1221 (Australian standard) tested and licensed external fire hose.

Sourced from a good friend, Mark at Australia Wide Fire Supplies, to help protect our precious quests during the summer fire season.

We have connected these strategically placed units to our bore, run by our generator.

This will be our first line of defence in an emergency situation.

Full evacuation will be undertaken should we have for-warning of any potential danger.

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